oxidised jewellery earrings kalka

Oxidised jewellery earrings kalka 

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It is easy to see why oxidized jewelry has gained popularity. Not only does it have a unique look but it is versatile and cost effective in comparison to purer metals like gold and silver. Oxidized metal comes in myriad patterns with stone work, delicate carving and enameling to name a few. These pieces have an old world charm and traditional appeal. Oxidization creates a light and shadow effect in jewelry while making colored stones on them stand out. Oxidized metal offers a fresh and novel look in the world of gold and silver jewelry.


The history of metals dates back to thousands of years.  At first used for utilitarian purposes such as vessels, coins, lamps, candlesticks, body armor, musical instruments and even sextants to name a few, metals such as gold, silver, brass, copper were used to make jewelry in different forms. Oxidization which is a natural occurrence happens when metals combines with oxygen and results in an oxide or an antique finish. The use of silver is high in the making of oxidized jewelry though the composition has other alloys like copper, zinc and occasionally nickel to produce the jewelry in colors such as pink, green, yellow and even white. The price of silver which increased substantially after 2008 necessitated the creation of alloys where the percentage of silver was 20 to 25%.
The process of blackening silver, first tool place around 1100 AD, when the method of refining metals was carried out to separate it from other impurities. Sulfur was used to the molten silver by which it turned black. Gold plating of silver became popular in 1250.

The Making

The process of oxidization has the blending of the two metals to create the alloy. A pure metal like silver is exposed to Sulfur to get the oxidized effect.

Another method of oxidizing jewelry is the use of Silver Black which contains Hydrochloric acid and provides a controlled approach, than compared to the use of Liver of Sulfur. It is hazardous and should be used after reading the safety guidelines.

Oxidized metal is used to make a vast array of objects such as necklaces, earrings, anklets, chains, jewelry boxes, and ornaments for the house.

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